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What I’m Up To Now

I’m just about to start my second year at the IDC. Can’t wait! Got more advanced programming courses coming up and one system design class I’m really looking forward to.

While school was out, I wrote a small package that deals with getting FB page post data properly for display. In addition, I wrote some back-end tools for Smart Receipts, a company I’m contracting for, most notably this one.

I also helped translate Derek Sivers’ upcoming book - Your Music And People - to Hebrew, and excited to see the final product. I’m not a musician myself, but the concepts he spells out in the book apply, I think, to any professional - even programmers.

On the personal side, I visited Greece (specifically Cretes) for a week-long trip with my extended family. It was great, and my uncle Nino took the most amazing pictures - will upload them here sometime soon.

This page was last updated on Tuesday, October 9th, and is inspired by Derek Sivers’ now page.