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March 5, 2019

A More Picture Like Explanation Of Version Control Software

February 15, 2019

What I’m Up To Now

I’ve been busy doing ops at Actyx for a while now, and it’s really amazing to see the inner workings of a startup like this. You’re constantly being bombarded with new ideas and directions, and are required to investigate, evaluate and pursue/disqualify them every single day. I guess that’s what building a company is like: Try something, continue pursuing it/disqualify it, learn something from the experience, and find something new to try based on that experience. Iterate, iterate, iterate as new information come to light. It’s a different approach to doing business than other places I’ve worked for in the past, for sure.

I’ve recently read “Hero” by Eric Cherniak, and it kinda threw me in a loop. I don’t talk (or think) politics often, but this book triggered something deep within. Read it, but only if you have the stomach for some apocalyptic (reality-based) fiction.

You can find me in Munich on the first week of July - if you’re there, hit me up and we’ll grab a beer.

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