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Continuous Integration & Deployment For Android Using CircleCI - Top To Bottom Tutorial

March 5, 2019

A More Picture Like Explanation Of Version Control Software

February 15, 2019

Hi There.

My name’s Tom, and I’m an SRE at Actyx, a student at the IDC’s Efi Arazi School of Computer Science, and a Shopify App Developer based in Herzliya, Israel.

To the left you can see some of my writings. Some other things I’ve got here include:

  1. My now page - inspired by Derek Sivers.
  2. My GitHub
  3. My LinkedIn
  4. All of my blog posts - you can see some of the more recent ones to the left.

Feel free to reach me at tom @ this site, for anything. I like to meet new people, and would be happy to talk to you.